PPC Management

Pay per click or PPC campaigns are the true backbone of internet marketing. If done right, PPC campaigns can give a huge boost to the business revenue as well as visibility in the digital universe. However, a successful PPC campaign requires critical data analysis and compelling content to convert the clicks into revenue. At SG Intellect, our team of proficient marketers and content creators leave no stones unturned in getting the most out of any PPC campaign. To obtain the maximum ROI out of a PPC campaign, all elements of the campaign should be relevant and tailor-made for individual users to interact with. From landing page design to copywriting and data-backed keyword strategy, everything is done with the sole focus of generating leads that convert.

Geographically Targeted PPC

Target your customers from any location of the world through our demography focused PPC campaigns are most cost effective

Branded Keyword Campaigns

Cost effective and high yielding branded keyword campaigns done by our experts to give your business an edge over your competitors

Vertically Targeted PPC

We use your product keyword in addition with verticals of the same to target a large niche with segregated audience

Re-marketing Campaigns

Rejuvenate interest on your existing audience and reach out to more with our strategically designed re-marketing campaigns

Competitor Campaign Analysis

Our advanced AI tools can keep a rack of all your competitor keyword strategies and campaign details for efficient campaigning

Full Funnel Campaigns

Our team of expert PPC campaign managers align your ad campaigns with buyer’s journey in real-time for maximum ROI

PPC  Bidding


Bidding includes PPC (pay-per-click, ECPC (enhanced pay-per-click) and CPV (cost-per-view). Depending on your business goals and objectives, we design your paid search campaigns with a fine blend of CPC, ECPC and CPV. We monitor the performance of these three biddings periodically and customize the budget according to individual performances. This helps us in reducing cost and improving ROI of your PPC campaigns.


The advertisement you present for your CPC, ECPC and CPV should be enticing enough for people to click or visit your landing page. It is imperative for businesses to create the perfect advertisement to boost conversions from paid search advertisement campaigns. Our team of experts create a fine blend of relevant textual and graphic advertisement that prompts users to take actions.

Keywords Research


Keyword researches for PPC campaigns are as time consuming as they are important. The entire paid search campaign is built around keywords; our campaign experts take three factors while researching keywords;

Relevancy: Our team analyzes keywords comprehensively to find and target the most relevant keywords.

Exhaustive: Needless to say, relevant long tail keywords and phrases suggestive of the original keyword also help in creating a relevant search advertisement.

Expansive: PPC campaigns need to be changed frequently. They need to be updated based on the data analysis by removing the obsolete ones and re targeting the ones performing best. Our team constantly expands and refines the campaigns creating an environment where the keyword list is constantly adapting and growing.

How do we make your PPC campaign more efficient?

For the most efficient PPC campaigns, our team focuses on the following;

  • Tailor-made account structuring to suit your specific business
  • Advanced Ad optimization services
  • Better ROI, that is better leads to conversion ratio
  • Leveraging mobile, display and social advertisement for maximum                impact
  • Audience targeting on basis of demography, behavioral patterns and            socio-economic status
  • Keyword mapping according to buyer persona, and sales lifecycle
  • Dynamic Search Advertisement
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

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What Our Clients Says ?

Irene Warner
CEO & Founder
“We’ve looked at a lot of SEO solutions but these guys were always the clear favorite. They have the right strategy and they’ve been awesome to work with.”
Jeffery Polk
CEO & Founder
“We have a constant flow of new leads thanks to this amazing SEO company. They gave us all the tools to convert leads into customers.”

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