Mobile Application Marketing

Mobile Application Marketing

Mobile application acquisition marketing is basically app developers or businesses with mobile applications finding their target audience. There are over 2 million applications on the Apple App Store and well over 3 million in Google Play, making it increasingly difficult for potential customers to discover your business application. Application user acquisition requires a carefully knitted digital marketing strategy that utilizes different social and digital channels for promotions, advertisement and organic awareness campaigns. At SG Intellect, we have a team of experienced mobile UI & graphic designers, copywriters and internet marketers who collaborate together to give your business the most cost-efficient and effective mobile application marketing strategy. .

App Store Optimization

Get your mobile application great visibility on Apple App Store and Play Store   Mobile Contain our strategic App Store Optimization services.

In-App Messages

Show off product updates, give customized recommendations or review/request a recommendation on play store with in-app messages for your apps

Mobile Optimized Social 

Get your social media ads mobile optimized by our team of experienced graphic designers and copywriters for maximum conversions

Mobile  App Marketing

Engage your audience with interactive mobile ads, app design and push notification strategies for maximum conversion and retention

Push Notifications

Send regular push notifications to your user base with precision & strategy for cross selling and up-selling of your products & services

Analytics & Forecasting

Get latest data and statistics from user actions, downloads and reviews to create and modify mobile app marketing strategies


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Multiple Ad Format

Multiple Ad Format


It is crucial to determine the right advertisement format for your mobile app marketing campaign. What works on the desktop is not something that will work on mobile devices because of the difference in screen size and resolutions etc. Our team of professional mobile app ad designers creates compelling & mobile responsive advertisements that encourage users to take action on the advertisements. From rewarded ads to video ads and playable ads, our team designs them all with the maximum efficiency and eye for detail. Boost your mobile advertisement campaigns, generate more leads and reach out to more customers on a global scale with our approved mobile advertisement campaigns. You can customize your mobile advertisement to the nth level and get ads that work wonders for your business.

App Target Audience Differentiation

App Target Audience Differentiation

With multiple Ad formats in play, you can’t fix on a single format to generate user interaction. This is because advertisements need to meet individual criteria like budget, goals and target audience. Other than the target audience, everything else can be solved with technology. It is imperative for businesses to classify and identify their target audience and categorize them in different groups for effective advertisement campaigns. Our team of mobile app marketing enthusiasts differentiates the target audience by factors such as geography, device, and genre. Get customized ad campaigns for Apple devices, android devices, and geographically segregated target audience with our efficient mobile application marketing strategies.

Post-Launch Optimization

Post-Launch Optimization

We use analytics and data from app interactions, ad interactions, feedback and reviews to effectively strategize, create or modify your mobile ad and mobile app marketing campaigns. Our team focuses their effort on building new user base and retention of existing user base for a smooth functioning of your business transactions. Moreover, our behavioral research analysts study the user behavior and gives inputs that help us shape future marketing campaigns. Increase your application’s user-base, your mobile advertisement’s ROI and the goodwill and visibility of your brand in the digital universe with our carefully strategized Mobile app marketing and mobile ad optimization services for a better outreach.

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