Factors that Make Digital Marketing Campaign Successful

Although the differences between highly efficient digital marketing campaigns and those that do not generate optimum ROI are very few, these few differences are the key to create a highly successful digital marketing strategy. As the leading SEO Company, Phoenix, we have compiled a list of factors that can make your digital marketing campaigns successful. In this article we will take a look at some of the most important factors that affect a digital marketing campaign and what to do when dealing with these factors, read on to know more;

1. ROI Focused Digital Marketing Campaigns

Most businesses are surprisingly negligent when it comes to monitoring campaign budgets and returns on Investment. The measure of successful digital marketing campaign according to businesses is the likes, shares and interactions they generate throughout their campaigns. Needless to say, it doesn’t work like that. For a campaign to be successful, the returns on Investment or ROI should be high and efficient. If ROI is considered as a parameter of success, digital marketing campaigns tend to be more effective. We surveyed a number of Phoenix digital marketing agencies and found that only a handful of them actually considered ROI as a factor in the success of digital marketing campaigns. Not surprisingly, those who did consider it where generally observed to be more successful.

2. Setting a Goal and Keeping Track of it

This is often the most ignored factor when it comes to measuring the success of a digital marketing campaign. Most businesses do not have a set goal or target when it comes to digital marketing, it is almost similar to a high speed car without a driver; the car is bound to hit a wall and crash. For instance, we interviewed marketers from providers of local SEO services in Phoenix to understand how they set their goals and whether they had an active tracking system to track the progress of their efforts. Not surprisingly, only a few admitted to consider goal keeping and tracking as priority while running SEO and Digital Marketing campaigns. While those who did set and track their goals admitted to getting better results in a lesser period of time than those who didn’t.

3. In-Depth Data Analysis

Everyone knows the importance of data analysis yet only a few go beyond the basic data analysis and focus on the larger umbrella. Comprehensive data analysis is the most important factor in a successful digital marketing campaign. With in-depth data analysis, marketers come to know exactly what’s trending, what’s not working anymore, what can work in the future and what not to do while promoting their business in the digital universe. Data on geography, target audience, age group, and their interest and internet behavior are key factors that can make your campaign successful.

4. E-Mail Outreach Campaigns

Another important factor that plays a key role in making a digital marketing campaign successful is how relentless you are in order to pursue your potential customers. Think of it like this, a lot of websites receive genuine and relevant traffic, out of say 1000 visitors, only a couple of them make purchase on the website, and half of them fill the query form. Now most companies will respond to the queries and be done with it. However, a relentless digital marketing team will make a note of all those visitors who returned without making any purchase and try to reach them through other means of communication – the best one being? Yes, you guessed it right, E-mail Outreach Campaigns. E-mail outreach campaigns not just reach a wider target base but are also effective in converting a non-customer. Depending on how creative and efficient the outreach program is; reports show huge 5-10% customers convert with this strategy, increasing the existing user base and creating a new expanded user base.

5. Choosing the Right Mode of Delivery

Almost all of us know the fact that more always doesn’t necessarily means better. Most digital marketers will advise your business to campaign at all fronts. That is, use all digital media platforms for comprehensive digital marketing. Although it sounds great, but when it comes to ground reality, targeting all channels at once often comes with its own set of problems. For example, content creation for all channels at once makes the campaign either inconsistent or repetitive. Businesses are therefore advised to carefully choose the right mode of delivery, which is choosing the right channels to run their campaign. Segregating channels based on their usability, application, target audience and age group can simplify your digital marketing process and give you the exact channels you need to focus on in order to generate more ROI from the campaign. A hilarious example of not choosing the right platform would be when insurance companies advertise or run campaigns on Instagram. Think about it, would you buy insurance by looking at a story, image or video posted by an insurance company on Instagram? No, you would skip the story faster than anyone would say story.

These five factors are imperative in order to create and run a successful digital marketing campaign. We are an affordable social media agency in Phoenix with a diverse team of brand managers, internet behavior analysts, data scientists, artists and writers who collaborate to create the most effective and efficient social media campaigns for your business. We not only improve the goodwill of your brand in the digital universe but also evidently increase the revenue of your business online through our precise and efficient campaigns.       

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