Email Marketing

E-mail Marketing

An efficient and well-crafted e-mail marketing campaign can not only increase your brand awareness but will also give you a returns on investment you never expected out of any other digital marketing campaigns. However, to do so successfully is a challenge that is tough to accomplish with the growing number of spam in e-mail marketing. At SG Intellect, we have a team of diverse content professionals who understand exactly what end users want to see in their mailbox. With years of experience and a creative flair for persuasive writing, our team creates high-quality, interesting and engaging e-mail marketing campaigns that compel maximum users to take action, increasing the ROI of your marketing budget. Boost your business revenues and add new customers with our impressive E-mail Marketing campaigns.

 Newsletter Subscription 

Periodic newsletters that are engaging and designed for users to open and take action are the need of the hour..

Split Testing

Eliminate all guesswork from E-mail marketing campaigns with our advanced AI driven split testing attribute.

 Segmented Campaigns 

We develop campaigns for different target group and keep the segmentation robust through AI applications

  E-mail Campaigns  

Our team controls the triggered auto-responders to inform or convince people to take action on your e-mail.

 Custom  Campaigns

We create custom e-mail marketing campaign designs that are unmatched in quality and in generating  intrigue factor.

 Email Supports  

We provide 24×7 supports all marketing campaigns. Customer service reps solve your queries with utmost professionalism..

Subscriber Identification & Segregation

Subscriber Identification & Segregation


While it is generally advised to cast a wider net when it comes to launching e-mail marketing campaigns, our team believes in precision campaign delivery. Therefore, we identify the subscribers according to their preference and priorities and keep the wider net separate so that we can create customized campaigns for maximum ROI. A new subscriber behaves (differently) than someone who is a loyal subscriber; customized e-mail marketing solutions ensure that each reader is addressed according to the classification of the data. Tracking your user’s actions on your e-mail also gives us key factors and metrics to design better and more effective e-mail marketing campaigns that generate more business and boost your revenues.

Gradual Development of Database  Campaigns

Best things in life often require time to sprout to their full potential. Same goes with increasing subscriber base or any generic e-mail marketing campaign. Our team constantly monitors every outcome of our campaigns and keeps a sorted record for future references. Every single data and action that happens on your e-mail is tracked, analyzed and utilized to make modifications in your e-mail marketing campaigns. The efficiency of call to action and content keeps changing from time to time. What is working today might not be efficient tomorrow, this is why our team keeps a constant update of user-preferences and behavior to design suitable content for your e-mail marketing campaigns.

Analysis, Forecast & Reporting

Analysis, Forecast & Reporting

We are very transparent and understand our accountability, which is why we present our clients with monthly analysis of our campaigns along with a forecast on our planned strategies and expected outcome. We don’t leave any stones unturned when it comes to creating compelling e-mail marketing campaigns. We develop content that is widely consumed by the target audience and ensure that the design is easy on the eyes, yet remarkable. Our team of professional content writers, and graphic designers prepare a winning e-mail marketing design that not just attracts new customers but also encourages them to take action on your e-mail.


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