CRM Software Development

CRM Software Development

Out of all business processes, customer relationship management is perhaps the most important one. As a rule of the thumb, customer satisfaction is the first priority of businesses; therefore, streamlining the communications internally and externally through a CRM software application is a genuine need of the hour. SG Intellect prides itself of a team that consists of experienced CRM software developers who create customized customer relationship management solutions for big, small and medium enterprises. We boast of an extensive portfolio with diverse clients from Fortune 100 companies across the globe. Put your customer management process on automation with our incredibly developed CRM software.



Savvy User Interface  

Everything at your fingertips to optimize management process and close leads or escalations in a quick and efficient manner

Plan Future Actions 

Interactive dashboards, full function statistics and other functional elements integrated in your custom CRM software

Reduced Data Entry

Reduce the manual data entry process to minimal using our full service customer relationship management software

Import Leads

One-touch import all leads, fully functional  integration for improved efficiency customer relationship management

Opportunity Analysis 

Track all insights and data under one tab and use them to forecast crisis  rewards program custom CRM software solutions

Activities & Call Management 

Third-party call & chat bot integration with multi-channel support and custom dashboard for better communication

Strategic CRM

Strategic CRM

Keeping the end customer as the key component, strategic CRM software focuses on collecting, sorting and applying information derived from user preference research for suggesting better value proposition for the customers. Strategic customer relationship management software focuses entirely on consumer research to develop better, quicker and more efficient solution for the customer. It needs to be interactive as well as highly functional. At SG Intellect, our team of CRM software developers creates completely user-friendly and customized CRM platforms that automate business processes and boost the efficiency of customer relationship management programs.

Analytical CRM

As the name itself suggests, everything related to collecting, storing, classifying, processing, and reporting of data comes under the Analytical CRM. The CRM should facilitate seamless integration of business data, marketing as well as finance data. Our team of expert CRM software developers creates custom CRM solutions that incorporate all functionalities needed to crunch big data and give output in a quick and efficient manner. Our support team solves all queries and conducts a walk through of the entire CRM architecture to better equip your team on optimum utilization of the software. Additionally, our team tests all functionalities and interfaces regularly for design upgrades and smooth functioning of the CRM.

Operational & Collaborative CRM

Operational & collaborative CRM should integrate functionalities like marketing, selling, services, and communication channels like VoIP, EDI, chat rooms and web forums. Operational CRM should be able to automate the sales force; servicing and marketing, our team of experienced CRM developers create CRM software with end-to-end automation functionalities, customizable to the highest level. We also provide technical support and complete walk through assistance of operational and collaborative CRM designed by our team. From testing to monitoring and analysis, our CRM development team does them all with due precision and dexterity. Automate your business processes and reach out to your existing as well as new customers with fully integrated customer relationship management software.

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