Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is the strategy to increase a desired action taken by visitors on your website, mobile application, blog, or landing page. The right CRO methodologies can change the way your website does business in the digital sphere and our exceptional digital marketing team knows that. We use an amalgamation of data-driven design and functionality with creative approach to encourage maximum users to take any desired action like purchasing, signing up for newsletters, subscribing to application or software, or downloading a free e-book etcetera. This not only increases your chances of doing better business, it also reduces bounce rate dramatically, and thus, making your website rank well in Google’s search engine results.

Fixing Broken Links

Broken links are a downer for website visitors; our team fixes all broken links and elements to provide users with seamless accessibility.

Competition Analysis

Our team studies extensive competition data to determine which element is working and which one is not for increasing the conversion rate

 Conversion Roadmap

Our team studies extensive competition data to determine which element is working and which one is not for increasing the conversion rate

Long-term Commitment

Enhancing conversion rates is not a weekly task. It requires a long time to analyze user interaction and behavior and keep updating the strategies

Testing New Elements

With effective conversion rate optimization your visiting traffic can give you data from testing new elements and design changes on your website

Understanding Customers 

With Conversion Rate Optimization strategies you also get to understand your customers better, what they like to do on your website for efficient business

Value per Visitor

Value per Visitor

Value per visitor metrics is perhaps the one most important and most neglected by businesses. You can determine value per visitor with a detailed overview of revenue tracked through analytics. Increase your website’s value per visitor with assistance from our digital marketing team who customize the conversion rate optimization strategies according to data from revenue tracking. Our team efficiently changes and improves areas where there are lesser revenue driven actions. Working on improving your value per visitor is a long term conversion rate optimization strategy that gives your business incredible boost in revenue and customer loyalty. Connect with our digital marketing team now to know how you can increase your value per visitor.

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value

The information of how much value a customer brings and for what time period is crucial in devising effective conversion rate optimization strategies. At SG Intellect, we rely on data generated by AI tools and your website analytics to understand and record customer lifetime value. Our team then uses this data to create effective marketing and a conversion rate optimization strategy that helps you boost your revenue, extend customer subscriptions and attracts more new and loyal customers to do business with your website. Recording & analyzing customer lifetime value also helps us direct our marketing efforts to increase transactions, retain loyal visitors and provide the consumer with more value added product and services in a customized system.

Cost per Conversion

Cost per Conversion

At SG Intellect, we believe in cost-efficient marketing and conversion rate optimization model. Our team of expert data analysts, technical geeks and digital marketers analyze the cost per conversion, breaking it down to the traffic source, which gives us the exact details on the traffic channels that are relevant and the ones that are not. Analyzing cost per conversion, customer lifetime value, and value per visitor makes conversion rate optimization easy and precise. Get maximum profits from your digital business for a long period of time with our expert conversion rate optimization techniques and strategies. We provide 24x7 support & assistance, timely reports, and periodical forecasts that help you understand your digital business better.




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