Case Study 2

Case Study #2 – Digital Marketing & Website Design

Company Name – Anonymous – (AB Corp.)

Service Offered – Fashion Ecommerce

The Challenges

AB Corp. is a three year old fashion ecommerce startup that specializes in all women clothing & accessories. As a niche business, AB Corp. wasn’t doing well in the ecommerce market and had problems with customer retention, customer management and lack of social awareness. Although the products available on AB Corp. ecommerce website were top quality and reasonably priced, there seemed to be a negative conversation going around the brand in the digital ecosystem. This is when they approached us for a dynamic website and dashboard design & and for digital marketing of their ecommerce website. Let’s take a closer look at the problems and our solution to understand our approach.

E-commerce Audit & Social Media Analysis Report

We did a comprehensive Ecommerce audit along with a social media analysis of AB Corp and found the following errors;

1. Site loading time was too much

2. Shopping Cart was not properly integrated

3. Content was too short and of inferior quality

4. Payment Gateway crashed multiple times during a session

5. Queries by customers on social media pages & messages were unattended

6. PPC Campaigns weren’t targeted to the right audience

Our Solutions

With our comprehensive audit, we figured out the exact problems of why AB Corp. wasn’t able to retain its customers or make new ones. We found out that the website wasn’t very user-friendly and the content present on the website wasn’t thoughtful or compelling. Even their social media accounts were left unattended for long periods with no one replying to customer messages, enquiries or feedback. They didn’t even have a social media content calendar and their postings were often irregular and unscheduled. On talking more about this with the founder, we found out that they had trouble managing different social media accounts and their team was short on resources. Let’s take a look at our solutions and how they helped AB Corp. carve a niche business for themselves that has been growing ever since.

Website Revamping on Magento

The main reason why AB Corp. wasn’t performing well online was because of the website’s poor quality design and loading issues. We re-built their website using Magento and improved all functionalities including loading speed, image optimization, shopping cart and payment gateway to provide seamless navigation to users. The design we selected was approved by the founder with some changes that we customized. We also created a mobile application for their website so that people could shop on their mobile devices without any hassles, thus increasing the user-base and flow of unique customers.

Content Optimization

We went through the entire inventory and found out that images and content were not optimized properly. Therefore, we created a consistent content strategy with quality parameters to improve the aesthetics of the website and keep it consistent. We also created a separate blog for the ecommerce with targeted keyword content scheduled to publish in regular intervals and talking about what’s new in the products category, giving us a wider audience.

Social Media Optimization

AB Corp. Facebook and Instagram pages were very hastily managed with no set schedule of content posting, no social hashtags and zero interaction with the social audience. We understood that lack of resources hamper their effort so we devised a social media automation plan where we integrated tools that directly posted on social media in a scheduled time with very less human intervention. We created compelling posts for their social channel and scheduled them a month at a time for automation. Soon, people started joining the fan base and our chat bot integration allowed us to reply to all their messages with an automated response, increasing the response rate to 100%. We guided their team in basic social media etiquettes and how to interact with potential customers online. The rest as they say is history.


Following are the results we achieved for AB Corp’s marketing and sales;

1. 800% Growth in Traffic

2. 60% Increase in Sales

3. 10,000 Facebook fans in a month

4. Positive conversation and reviews online

5. 80% Increase in sign-ups

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