Affiliate Marketing & Management

Affiliate Marketing Management

Affiliate marketing & management are around since the very first time e commerce websites popped up on the internet. It is considered as one of the most powerful types of advertisements and perhaps the only one that pays according to performance. Building affiliates and managing them to sell your services globally is something businesses want but are unable to do proficiently. Our affiliate marketing & management services eliminate the roadblocks and give you an automated set-up that lets you manage your existing affiliates, create new ones and boost your sales and revenue. Affiliate campaigns in collaboration with effective PPC and SEO campaigns does wonder for your business.


Our sole focus is to increase your sales and drive business growth through best practices in affiliate marketing & management

Digital Specialists

We collaborate with high performing affiliate marketing programs for your brand to increase the number of affiliates and the sales value per affiliate

Customer Success

Our affiliate marketing & management services are designed to provide maximum convenience to your customers and affiliates alike

Data Driven

All our marketing decisions are backed by peer-reviewed data so that we can increase the ROI and make our campaigns cost-effective.

Innovative Technology

We use artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to assist your business process automation so that you have more time to expand


Our affiliate management and marketing goals are aligned with your marketing team for quick, hassle-free and seamless running of all campaigns

business Requirements

Understanding Business Requirements

At SG Intellect, we have a diverse team of experienced professionals. Our team understands that ‘one-size-fits-all’ doesn’t work when it comes to digital business. This is why they give extra time and attention to understanding the business requirements, industry standards and client requirements. All our affiliate management & marketing campaigns are custom designed keeping every preference in mind for a sustainable and high yielding campaign. Our team also does a competitor’s analysis to understand strategies that are successful and those that are futile, this gives them precise points to focus on while creating affiliate marketing strategies. Give your business the required boost and create more affiliates worldwide with our strategic affiliate marketing & management campaigns.

Generate Higher Sales & Revenue

Generate Higher Sales & Revenue

We offer end-to-end affiliate marketing & management services including affiliate dashboard design & development, affiliate marketing campaign design & content, billing and cost calculator integration as well as employee dashboard to track affiliate activities and income. We understand that as business owners you should be focusing more time on your product or services instead of getting in the hassles-of managing your affiliate, this is why we provide complete affiliate management, right from onboarding to commission calculation and payment. Our specialists in affiliate management & marketing execute cost-effective, intuitive and compelling affiliate marketing campaigns to boot the sales and profits of your organization in a quick and efficient manner.

Build Healthy Relationships Online

Build Healthy Relationships Online

Our affiliate marketing and management team focuses on building excellent & healthy long-term relationships with affiliates and third party websites. We understand that an effective affiliate management campaign is only successful because of the combined efforts of affiliates. This is why we aim to simplify the affiliate on-boarding process, create attractive payouts and affiliate income schemes and track & monitor all affiliate activities. Our dedicated team of affiliate marketing professionals manages every aspect of an affiliate marketing campaign, devising regular strategies to motivate your affiliates and boost the sale of your products & services. We know how to build relationships online, so sit back and watch us create magic with your affiliate marketing & management campaigns, connect with us now!


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Affiliate monitoring


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