6 Elements of Contemporary Website Design You Need to Know

When we talk about contemporary website design, we tend to forget the fact that anything not in this year is relatively old in the world of internet. Due to the rapid technological advancements, websites tend to get outdated in weeks, let alone years. How would you keep yourself updated with such a rapid paced change? The answer is very simple, yet only a few manage to understand it. Websites have elements, some of which need to be constant in order to make them user-friendly, whereas some need to be constantly updated depending on what is the need of the hour. A good design team understands this and they make their checklist in compliance with the constant quality parameter. Here are 5 such elements that you need to keep in mind while designing or getting your website designed.

Consistent Color Palette

This might come across as the basics, but color schemes are as important to the website as any other element for that matter. Make sure your palette is limited yet consistent. Websites that have predetermined primary and secondary colors have more chances of playing around with new elements like home page, web pages, blogs or resource database. Your color combination should also be identifiable and easy to connect with. Subtle contrasts are a good way to go. Remember, most big companies have websites that are literally engraved in the minds of millions with the help of simple elements like their color scheme.

Ample White Space

Contrary to popular belief, the white space composition of your website decides a lot. White space doesn’t necessary has to be white in order to look attractive. You can play around with a few color schemes to fill in the blank space. The more clutter-free a website is, the greater it gets in terms of user friendliness. White space represents clean website design that can be easily organized and is digestible. Use your white space to restrict the user gaze to your specific call to actions; a great design team knows how to use different elements along with the white space to create an eye-pleasing website outlook.

Placement of Call-to-action

You are getting ample visitors on your website throughout the year but your conversion rates are near to zero, making your website useless. Therefore, it is crucial to design your website with relevant and well-placed call-to-action buttons that push users to interact. If a visitor returns from your website without performing any action, the bounce rate of the website increases, leading to a penalty by Google. Create interesting, relevant and helpful call-to-action buttons that prompts users to submit their query, generate leads or subscribe to your newsletters.

Clean Back-end Coding

Although no direct visibility, a clean backend coding ensures hassle-free and seamless interaction with the website. Your website needs to function flawlessly with even a single lag resulting in bad customer experience. Your developers need to keep their coding clutter-free, load quickly, and navigate effectively for the customer to fill in the forms, generate leads or simply take any actions.

User First Design

When it comes to user experience, there should be no compromise. All contemporary websites have on one thing in common; they are designed with the user-first guidelines. Your business depends on what and how your customers interact with your website, it is therefore imperative for you to keep user preference the top priority while designing your website. A careful research into user preference and functionalities will give you a fair idea on what elements to include or not to include in your website.

 Search Engine Friendly Design

While user preference should be given the first priority, it doesn’t mean that it comes under the cost of compromising on search engine parameters. Your website needs to be accessible by search engine bots. Simple design elements like Meta tags, heading tags, title tags, and HTML coding improve your site’s search engine friendliness and help improve their search rankings. Ensure that you update your website from time to time keeping these parameters in mind to improve your search engine rankings and appear on top of Google’s page result.

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